Sunday, 17 January 2016

16th January 2016, Beverley and Hull!

Sorry I haven't blogged in a while, But I thought this would make a good post. So  yesterday I visited the picturesque market town of Beverley, where it just so happens that there is a very good variety of buses to be seen there, including Acklams Coaches, a local independent which operates several town and out of town services, some of them to villages which would otherwise be inaccessible for some without the buses. I took the service 246 bound for Hornsea to get to Beverley, which was a Volvo Wright Gemini 2 unsurprisingly. Upon arrival to Beverley Bus Station I was greeted by a lovely Acklams Plaxton President in a very smart looking grey livery, parked in the station. Although I didn't get to ride on this I did take short journey on the 142 to Etton on an Optare Solo YX58 HBE which can be seen below. For a video of the Solo click here!

What I wasn't expecting when I got to Beverley was to see a Stagecoach bus. They run a service to Beverley once a day, the 123 and the 242, The 123 going from Beverley to North Point (and Wilberforce College on college days) and the 242 from Hedon to Beverley. I managed to snap pictures of the vehicle on both the 123 and the 242!

17716 MK02 EFV can be seen departing on a service 123 alongside Acklams YX58 HBE on a service 5.
17716 MK02 EFV pulling into Beverley Bus Station on a 242
 There wasn't much going on in Hull but I did see the new Petuaria Express branded MCV eVolution which unfortunately I wasn't able to photograph. Hopefully i'll catch it next time!

I'm off to Scunthorpe or Grimsby next weekend to expect another blog similar time!

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